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twilight series I own nothing T_T except my OC
Leonora Violet Cullen (aka Levi)
chapter 1
I never really considered how much strength I had in the many
years I have lived. I spent many years trying to learn as much as I can. It's hard to be
a good witch sometimes when everybody is trying to drive you mad. I checked
myself in the mirror before I headed to the car.
"hurry up we don't have all day you know." Edward called to me from out side.
"I'll be right there." I called back relax you idiot I thought to him and he chuckled.
I turned to face Esme " how do I look?" I asked and twirled.
"you look beautiful honey" she smiled and kissed my cheeks "now go on or you'll be late."
I headed out I really hated this. Repeating high school over and over.
I liked it better when I looked more mature not like now. A fifteen year old girl with red short hair
and blue eyes and red cheeks. It's true that I nagged them to let me move
a couple of grades up so I would be able to graduate with Edward and Alice. But still it has
been two years already and I'm starting to get bored.
tell me about it Edward thought sarcastically and I giggled. We all arrived at school on
time like we always do. Something was going on a new girl was here. I recognized her
from the picture Charlie Swan once showed me. he's our town's sheriff. I know him from the accident that
happened to me last year with the human stalker. I didn't want any of my brothers kill him so I went to chief Swan and we've been friends ever since. aberrantly she's his daughter I repeated her name in my head
over and over so I would get a link to her head. wired I can't get anything Edward looked at me
silently asking what's wrong I shrugged and we just moved along with our day.
like always I was sitting next to Alice in Spanish class and she was going nonstop on the fashion trip
she was planning for us girls in her mind. Every few minutes I would stare at her from the corner of my eyes every time she pictured me in a pink little cute dress.
It was time for lunch I had something that I needed to get from the car so I got there late.
I entered the cafeteria looking at where my brothers sat. Edward was looking annoyed.
what's wrong with you? I thought to him but he didn't notice.
I stood in line waiting to get my food. my ears followed the sound of Jessica Stanly talking about us.
"They are Dr. and Mrs. Cullen adopted kids" she was talking to her the new girl Isabella Swan
"then all of them are adopted?" she asked full of curiosity.
"yes. except for one" she paused looking for something. I noticed her looking at me and silently pointing.
"her. she is the only biological daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Cullen her name is..." she was about to say it but Tyler Crawly started to talk " her name is Levi Cullen the most beautiful girl in this damn place." he said so confident. I smiled and the boys that were standing in front of me and they let me skip a head "thank you" I said smiling then I got back to their conversation.
This time Mike Newton was talking "yeah the most beautiful girl and the most unreachable one" he chuckled. I chuckled  too as I paid for my lunch. I started to walk towards our table but made sure I'd pass by Jessica and the others "Hi guys " I teased  they answred back and giggled. I could feel a lot of emotions from them.
And confusion
I gave Edward a smile as he made room for me next to him thanks I thought but he didn't answer. So I thought I'd have a little look see in his mind.
"OH MY GOD!!" I said loud enough  for  only someone who was close enough would hear. I started to laugh at his frustration. They all looked at me.
"are you ok?" Emmett and Jasper asked
I shook my head and gave a devious look to Edward he glared back. I laughed and started eating my lunch.
I wrote this out of boredom so if you like it fav or comment
I like twilight to much so I made my own fan fiction

hope you like it :heart:
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twifanjacob11 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh, Minawara, this is excellent! You definetely have raw talent!
Minawara Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
awww thank you :iconiloveyouplz:
prettyflour Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! I love Twilight fanfiction!

This is interesting... A new Twi character... Have you written any more?
Minawara Featured By Owner May 23, 2011
:iconcblushplz: thank you
I wrote for all four books
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